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News - 6 August 2021

06 Aug 2021 5:47 AM | QETA ADMIN (Administrator)

Hello Economists! With Lockdown ramping up the need for adaptability and independence of both teachers and students, here are several online-learning geared resources you may find helpful. 

Jacob Clifford on Youtube

Jacob Clifford is an American economics teacher who, for many years has been making videos and designing resources specifically for the highschool economics. You will find a wealth of videos on supply and demand, production possibility, marginal cost, aggregate demand, micro and macro, and just about all the theory we know and love. There is an obvious US lens on it, but as far as pure theory, diagrams and quick-content refreshers, it doesn't get much better than this. 


QETA Conference 2021 - Interesting Findings

Feedback on last month's annual conference is in and we have some interesting data to share:

1. 65% of responders would be interested in joining a mentorship program aimed at connecting experienced Economics teachers across Queensland. 

2. 79% of schools represented use of the same textbook "Economics for the Real World 1&2"

3. 19% of schools begin Unit 1 in Year 10

4. 76% of schools have students complete IA1 at the end of Year 11 rather than Term 1 of YEar 12. 

Unit 4 Topic 2: Practice Question

Explain the difference between microeconomic policy and fiscal policy, given that many microeconomic policies can involve changes to government spending or taxes, which is a benchmark feature of fiscal policy. 

Unit 2: Practice Question

Compare the potential impacts that the pandemic may have on "income" vs "wealth" inequality in Australia. 

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